THE YEAR IS 2032. Mankind has already solved earth’s biggest problems. Global warming and the energy crisis. Earth now runs on electricity with the help of solar power and batteries. Clean sustainable energy. But the world faces a new problem. Maybe the biggest yet. The growing population. Shortage of resources. Food. Water. Homes.

THE YEAR IS 2044. New and modern cities grow larger and larger and the urbanization grows rapidly. Smaller cities and towns slowly dies. New tech replaces old. Robots starts doing human work. Solaris Corporation, is taking over as the leading producer of solar and battery power, robotics and pharmaceuticals.

THE YEAR IS 2050. 
In a failed attempt to create a birth control vaccine to slow down the birth rate on earth, Solaris Corp accidentally creates a strain of virus that during the next 15 years almost wipes out the entire population.
The virus makes most women infertile. And most children that’s born doesn’t get to be older than 25. The virus, now a part of people’s DNA is passed down to the following generation.

THE YEAR IS 2059. People turn to Solaris Corp for help. A new vaccine is created, but only available for the rich and privileged. Living in the high societyThese privileged people are starting to isolate them self from the infected. Building physical and cultural walls. Creating segregation between rich and poor. Infected people are banished from these societies. Criminals and all the unwanted misfits are exiled.

The citizens and the government are getting more and more dependent on Solaris products. Until Solaris finally takes over through a number of political campaigns. Solaris now creates a city, run like a corporation under the name of Solaris City. A safe haven for rich people.

Outside the walls, a new world is created called The Space. A lawless new world. For the rest. For the common people. A doomed population bound to suffer.

THE YEAR IS 2084. The Space is populated by millions of survivors. But the virus is taking more casualties every day. A dysfunctional world built on old technology and scrap. The criminals have created gangs of pirates, harassing, plundering and raping innocent. Everyone in The Space is born with the virus and are eventually doomed. It’s just a matter of time. Everyone is a ticking clock, bound to stop.

Concept art by Matt Jordan


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